brain fart

Quick-and-dirty creative output. The byproduct of a mind stuffed with food for thought that can therefore produce information without effort.
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The only usage of "brain fart" I've ever encountered was a near antonym: a momentary (or sometimes not so momentary) failure of one's memory, particularly when it stops a conversation cold.

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  • Brain fart — A brain fart (may be jocularly derived from [brain infarction] )[1] is slang for a special kind of abnormal brain activity which results in human error while performing a repetitive task,[2][3] or more generally denoting a degree of mental laxity …   Wikipedia

  • brain fart — Canadian Slang Slang for a period of forgetfulness, e.g. I can t remember where I put my rifle, I just had a brain fart …   English dialects glossary

  • brain fart — noun a) A lapse in the thought process; an inability to think or remember something clearly. b) Something ill considered and said or done impulsively …   Wiktionary

  • brain fart — Noun. An inability to think clearly, or a moment of forgetfulness. Orig. U.S …   English slang and colloquialisms

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  • brain gain — n. An increase in the number of highly skilled intellectual and technical workers due to those workers relocating from a less favorable environment (cf. brain drain) Example Citation: Another example of Canada s brain drain to the south? Just the …   New words

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  • Brainfart — (or brain fart) is a neologistic expression denoting a degree of mental laxity, colourfully clothed in neuroflatulent metaphor. The term is typically employed in the United States [Lenerd, Kilian. [… …   Wikipedia

  • Glossary of psychiatry — In this glossary of psychiatric terms, mostly Greek, secondly French and German and some English terms, as used in psychiatric literature, were defined. We have included many other terms with the passage of time and aim to broaden this article to …   Wikipedia

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